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Contemporary Architecture in California

30 September to 24 October 1935

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Hans Dreir
1 exhibition
Albert Frey
4 exhibitions
Cedric Gibbons
American, 1895–1960
1 exhibition
Irving Gill
American, 1870–1936
1 exhibition
A. Lawrence Kocher
American, 1885–1969
3 exhibitions
Paul Nelson
American, 1895–1979
6 exhibitions
Richard Neutra
American, born Austria. 1892–1970
16 exhibitions
R.M. Schindler
1 exhibition
William Wilson Wurster
American, 1895–1973
7 exhibitions
A.C. Zimmerman
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


6 October 1935

MACHINE AGE IN DECORATIVE RHYTHMS; Two Decades of Fernand Leger's Work in the Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art -- Recent Architecture, Other Shows

By Edward Alden JEWELL

HOWEVER much we may disagree as to the specific merit of this or that canvas by Fernand Leger, we are not likely to quarrel with the scope of the artist's present one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art, which will remain through Oct. 24.

New York Times • page X9 • 1,392 words