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New Work on Paper 1

11 February to 21 April 1981

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MoMA Staff

John Elderfield  British, born 1943


Jake Berthot
American, born 1939
5 exhibitions
Dan Christensen
American, 1942–2007
2 exhibitions
Alan Cote
American, born 1937
5 exhibitions
Tom Holland
American, born 1936
6 exhibitions
Yvonne Jacquette
American, born 1934
9 exhibitions
Ken Kiff
British, 1935–2001
3 exhibitions
Joan Snyder
American, born 1940
5 exhibitions
William Tucker
American, born Egypt 1935
7 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


10 February 1981


By Richard F. SHEPARD

PAPERING THE HOUSE The house is not being papered this time in a style that Boss Tweed would have appreciated back in 1872 when he had the place, the courthouse on Chambers Street, behind City Hall, built at an outrageous cost of $14 million, all but $4 million of which apparently went into the pockets of himself and his colleagues. The Tweed Courthouse, for all that its sponsors gouged the public by overcharges on paper, is a handsome public building in the AngloItalianate style, unvirtuous testimony to a situation in which corruption may be the cornerstone without notably depreciating quality. This despite the fact that honest administrations in later years managed to do so by additions and transformations that were less than esthetic.

New York Times • Movies; Arts • page 11 • 739 words