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Arshile Gorky: Paintings, Drawings, Studies

19 December 1962 to 12 February 1963

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Arshile Gorky
American, born Armenia. 1904–1948
42 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


19 December 1962

A TRIBUTE IS PAID TO ARSHILE GORKY; N.Y. Exhibition Recognizes Pre-eminence as Surrealist His Esthetic Merits

By Stuart Preston Special

NEW YORK. From about 1940 to 1948, when he killed himself, Arshile Gorky was the most important advant garde painter in America. This fact was barely recognized at the time, but since his death his fame had spread far and wide. Today he is given the supreme accolade of a large exhibition of his paintings and drawings opening at the Museum of Modern Art.

New York Times • page 5 • 564 words