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Large Drawings

25 November 1985 to 15 April 1986

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MoMA Staff

John Elderfield  British, born 1943


James Biederman
American, born 1947
2 exhibitions
Troy Brauntuch
American, born 1954
3 exhibitions
Alan Cote
American, born 1937
5 exhibitions
Jim Dine
American, born 1935
68 exhibitions
Martin Disler
Swiss, 1949–1996
6 exhibitions
Lucio Fontana
Italian, born Argentina. 1899–1968
16 exhibitions
Al Held
American, 1928–2005
15 exhibitions
Yvonne Jacquette
American, born 1934
9 exhibitions
Anselm Kiefer
German, born 1945
11 exhibitions
Frederick Kiesler
American, born Romania. 1890–1965
30 exhibitions
Jannis Kounellis
Greek, born 1936
11 exhibitions
Lois Lane
American, born 1948
8 exhibitions
Roy Lichtenstein
American, 1923–1997
57 exhibitions
Henri Matisse
French, 1869–1954
182 exhibitions
Joan Miró
Spanish, 1893–1983
137 exhibitions
Robert Morris
American, born 1931
36 exhibitions
Elizabeth Murray
8 exhibitions
Bruce Nauman
American, born 1941
28 exhibitions
Katherine Porter
American, born 1941
7 exhibitions
Hans Richter
American, born Germany. 1888–1976
9 exhibitions
Susan Rothenberg
American, born 1945
21 exhibitions
Joel Shapiro
American, born 1941
15 exhibitions
William Tucker
American, born Egypt 1935
7 exhibitions
Not Vital
Swiss, born 1948
3 exhibitions
Robert Wilson
American, born 1941
13 exhibitions
Robin Winters
American, born 1950
3 exhibitions
Adrian Wiszniewski
British, born 1958
1 exhibition
Gilberto Zorio
Italian, born 1944
6 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


29 December 1985



Where art was concerned, 1985 was a great year for the airlines. To keep abreast of the times, concerned people had to catch British art in New Haven, the treasures of Liechtenstein in New York, the English country house in Washington, Christo's latest gift wrap on the Pont Neuf in Paris and Indian art in many of its guises all over the United States. The best new installation of contemporary American art was not in this country at all, but in the new galleries devoted to the Saatchi collection in London. The devotee of Spanish 17th-century painting had only himself to blame if he did not high-tail it down to the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. We saw more historic Japanese helmets at the Japan Society in New York than we could hope to find in a tour of Japan, and for the enthusiast of European Old Master drawings a visit to the Getty Museum in Malibu, Calif.,was mandatory. This was not a year for the stay-at-home.

New York Times • Arts • page 31 • 1,507 words