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Children's Festival of Modern Art

11 March to 10 May 1942

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Jean (Hans) Arp
French, born Germany (Alsace). 1886–1966
81 exhibitions
André Bauchant
French, 1873–1958
11 exhibitions
Camille Bombois
French, 1883–1970
16 exhibitions
Alexander Calder
American, 1898–1976
77 exhibitions
Mary Cassatt
American, 1844–1926
12 exhibitions
Marc Chagall
French, born Belarus. 1887–1985
96 exhibitions
Jean Charlot
American, 1898–1979
22 exhibitions
Paul Klee
German, born Switzerland. 1879–1940
132 exhibitions
Piet Mondrian
Dutch, 1872–1944
76 exhibitions
Odilon Redon
French, 1840–1916
78 exhibitions
Jean Renoir
French, 1894–1979
6 exhibitions
William Zorach
American, 1889–1966
45 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


11 March 1942

ART SHOW OPENS FOR YOUNG TODAY; Children's Festival to Combine Play With Serious Study at Modern Museum FOR THOSE FROM 3 TO 12 Adults Need Not Apply Unless Accompanied by Youngsters -- Gate Fits Age Groups

The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West Fifty-third Street, will begin mixing, play with art this morning to make a festival for its child public. No adult need apply unless accompanied by a child.

New York Times • page 17 • 388 words