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Art Nouveau from the Museum Collection

12 July to 5 September 1949

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Emile Gallé
French, 1846–1904
4 exhibitions
Paul Gauguin
French, 1848–1903
75 exhibitions
Hector Guimard
French, 1867–1942
14 exhibitions
Rene Lalique
French, 1860–1945
5 exhibitions
Edvard Munch
Norwegian, 1863–1944
39 exhibitions
Louis Comfort Tiffany
American, 1848–1933
12 exhibitions
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
French, 1864–1901
58 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


14 August 1949

ATTRIBUTED TO WHOM?; Comment in California Raises the Issue

A COMBUSTIBLE subject flared up recently when an eminent British scholar, speaking of public art collections in Southern California, remarked to a reporter of The Los Angeles Daily News: "Here, on an impressive platter, the students are served muck."

New York Times • page X6 • 940 words