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Objects: 1900 and Today

10–25 April 1933

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MoMA Staff

Philip Johnson  American, 1906–2005


1 exhibition
Eugene Colonna
2 exhibitions
Andries Dirk Copier
Dutch, 1901–1991
6 exhibitions
Georges de Feure
French, 1869–1928
4 exhibitions
Paul T. Frankl
1 exhibition
Edvard Hald
3 exhibitions
Victor Horta
4 exhibitions
Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret)
French, born Switzerland. 1887–1965
45 exhibitions
Marcus & Company
1 exhibition
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
American, born Germany. 1886–1969
43 exhibitions
Charlotte Perriand
French, 1903–1999
6 exhibitions
Rena Rosenthal
2 exhibitions
Schot & Company
1 exhibition
Edward Steichen
American, born Luxembourg. 1879–1973
88 exhibitions
Louis Comfort Tiffany
American, 1848–1933
12 exhibitions
Jan Tschichold
Swiss, born Germany. 1902–1974
15 exhibitions
Wilhelm Wagenfeld
German, 1900–1990
5 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


5 April 1933

ART SHOW CONTRASTS 1900 AND THE PRESENT; Lamps, Bowls, Silverware and Other Objects of Two Periods Shown Side by Side.

The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West Fifty-third Street, will open an exhibition today in which are contrasted the styles of 1900 and the present. To give the display an effective setting, the museum has altered extensively two rooms on the third floor, virtually, building new rooms inside the old.

New York Times • page 20 • 188 words