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G. E. Kidder Smith

♂  American, 1913–1997

G. E. worked at MoMA about 1945 as Designer . He has been in two exhibitions at MoMA, between 1941 and 1943.

Three exhibitions

Photo of the exhibition Stockholm Builds

4 August to 8 September 1941

Elizabeth Mock and G. E. Kidder Smith were involved.

Photo of the exhibition Brazil Builds

13 January to 28 February 1943

Philip L. Goodwin, Oscar Niemeyer, Alice M. Carson and G. E. Kidder Smith, among others, were involved.

Photo of the exhibition Power in the Pacific: Battle Photographs of our Navy in Action on the Sea and in the Sky

23 January to 20 March 1945

Edward Steichen, Victor Jorgensen, G. E. Kidder Smith and Roark Bradford, among others, were involved.