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Lawrence Van Gelder

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27 June 1982

Travel Advisory:; TAHITIAN CANOES, ORIENT EXPRESSES; Keeping Track Of Two Trains In Europe

By Lawrence Van Gelder

Once upon a time, there was a romantic train called the Orient Express. Then, to great lamentation, the Orient Express was no more. But later the Orient Express returned as a nostalgia trip. And now nostalgia has spawned another Orient Express. The latest is the Venice Simplon Orient Express, operating between Paris and Venice with a connection from London. Like the Nostalgia Orient Express, which operates into and out of Istanbul, from Zurich and sometimes Paris, the Venice Simplon consists of original equipment that has been restored. It differs from the Nostalgia Orient Express in a couple of important respects. One is that it is air-conditioned. The other is that its runs, which are shorter than the Nostalgia's, are less expensive. The Venice Simplon's twice-weekly overnight trips from London to Venice cost $550 a person in either upper or lower berth; its thrice-weekly Paris-Venice runs cost $440. Meals are extra.

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