Nama Khalil

Nama Khalil is an artist and academic whose thesis exhibition was derived from her personal experience, exploring instances of silenced and suppressed voices in post-9/11 society. She explores the notion of "otherness" in her work while attempting to speak for herself as an Other, or acting as a mediator between her subjects and her viewers. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in the Cleveland area, in Michigan, and online. In 2009 Nama curated an exhibition titled Another Way of Looking: Influences from Islam, and she is also co-curator of Creative Dissent: Arts of Arab World Uprisings. She received her master's degree in Middle East studies in 2012 from the University of Michigan, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in sociocultural anthropology, with a primary focus on the art scene in Egypt. Nama’s scholarly interests also include transnational Islam, the visual culture of the Muslim world, and identity politics and art in Arab American and Muslim American communities.