Graham Westgarth

Graham Westgarth joined GasLog Ltd. in January 2013 and is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for day-to-day operations of all owned and managed vessels as well as the company's extensive new-build program.

For the 14 years prior to this Mr. Westgarth served as President of Teekay Marine Services, where he was responsible for the operations of the Teekay fleet, in excess of 150 vessels and close to 5,000 multidisciplined sea and shore staff. Mr. Westgarth’s mandate included new builds, conversions, repair and maintenance, manning and training, procurement, marine, and health, safety, environment, and quality. In 2006, after Teekay acquired Petrojarl ASA, Mr. Westgarth acted as interim CEO of Teekay Petrojarl to integrate operations. In August 2007, he resumed his position in Vancouver.

Prior to joining Teekay, Mr. Westgarth was General Manager of Maersk Company (UK). He has over 40 years of industry experience, which includes 18 years of sea service, with five of those years in a command position. Mr. Westgarth has completed the Columbia Business School Senior Executive Development Program, and held a number of Board positions over the years. He is currently Chairman of INTERTANKO. In June 2011, Mr. Westgarth was one of three recipients of the Dr. Winterbottom Fellowship Award from South Tyneside College in the United Kingdom.