Talking Families: Part 6

Between September 17 and October 15, kids ages 10 to 14 and their parents/caregivers are participating in a MoMA Family Art Workshop connected to the Talk to Me exhibition. After viewing and discussing objects in the exhibition, the family groups have developed their own communication-related inventions. We have invited them to share their projects here.

Inventors: Sebastian and Peter Booth
Age of inventors: 10 and 46
Invention: Good Doggie, Bad Doggie

The design includes a collar that is placed on a dog’s neck. Two sensors detect a dog’s movement towards a forbidden area such as sofa or a tabletop. This activates a voice commanding the dog to leave the forbidden area.

Inventors:  Violet  and Denny Morrison, Susan Brown
Age of inventors: 14 and two adults
Invention: Floor bed

A mattress is stored in a panel that serves as a platform. This platform can be lifted and hooked into the wall revealing an entire new room including a mattress, painting, and whiteboard.

Inventors: Delia and Joel Cadman
Age of inventors: 12 and 49
Invention: Rocket Shoes (Emergency Skates)

This form of emergency transportation is powered by a rocket and controlled with an iPhone app. The wheels can retract when needed, while the direction and movement are controlled by GPS.

Inventors: Aden Scheuter, Amy Flory Tomas, Butulman, Kirsten Roberts
Age of inventors: 12, 50, 12, 44
Invention: Adjustable Wheel Chairs

Scissor lifts allow the wheelchair to be raised and lowered. The chair itself extends allowing the user to stand. The chair is equipped with a screen to protect from the sun, and is available in a spectrum of colors.

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