The Exh Files: Part 10

Everything you have always wanted to know about how exhibitions get done, but you’ve never dared ask. The Exh Files bring you into the belly of the monster, not only to shed light on the curatorial process of Talk to Me, but also to cast the spotlight on the unsung heroes and heroines whose work is critical to the success of a show. For the duration of the exhibition, twice a week we will post three profiles of MoMA colleagues that were involved in the making of this show, and of many other MoMA exhibitions.

Bill Moore


Title at MoMA: Technical Infrastructure Manager
Been working at the museum for:  13 years.
A brief bio: My major function at MoMA is managing all aspects of Telecommunications. This ranges from paying phone bills to handling cell phones for staff.  I started in the telecommunication industry in Texas in 1978 and have held a variety of positions since. I’m active in telecommunication industry groups and sit on the Electrical Code Revision Commission low voltage panel for the City of New York.
Passion outside of MoMA:  When away from work, I do research on my family history.  I’ve traced parts of my family to the 1300s in Europe.
What I did in Talk To Me:  My role in preparing for Talk to Me was related to planning and coordinating data and phone line cabling for the various components of the exhibit. One major task was working with the MTA to get the MetroCard Vending Machine installed in the gallery.
Curatorial Team says: We wish we had filmed Bill’s interaction with the huge MTA crews. It was a first time for all–MoMA and MTA–and a truly interesting and elating experience.

YooIn Cho

Graphic Design

Title at MoMA: Intern, Department of Advertising and Graphic Design.
Been working at the museum for: the summer of 2011.
A brief bio: I currently attend the School of Visual Arts for a BFA in Graphic Design. I was born in Korea but raised in the States, DR (Dominican Republic), Scotland, and China.
Passion outside of MoMA: I enjoy playing with letterforms and collecting things that are beautiful.
What I did in Talk to Me: I assisted with exhibition advertisements and graphic design which include iconography, wall title, labels and signage.
Curatorial Team says:
Interns at MoMA play roles that see them on the front lines of their area of expertise. Yooin assisted Sam Sherman in designing the graphics for the show and for all the publicity materials.

Jeri Moxley

Exhibition Technologies

Title at MoMA: Manager, Collection and Exhibition Technologies
Been working at the museum for: 3 years.
A brief bio: I have worked as a collections registrar and managed collection and exhibition information for museums for over a decade. I’ve lived on both coasts as well as in the midwest and hold degrees in Anthropology, French, African Languages & Literatures, and Linguistics.
Passion outside of MoMA: When not working at MoMA, I help to manage a small coffee shop in Queens and I spend a lot of time reading about world cultures, cognitive science, and language as social behavior.
What I did in Talk to Me: As manager of the centralized database of collection and exhibition information at MoMA, I provided cataloguing standards, reports, and support to the Talk to Me team using this information across the museum, including: curatorial, registrar, exhibition management, exhibition design & production, art handling, conservation, education, graphic design, communications, imaging services, information technology, and visitor services.
Curatorial Team says: The Collection Management System is a wild and fascinating planet, mostly unexplored by humans, inhabited by heavenly creatures such as Jeri. Curators pretend to know how to use CEMS, but in truth they’d be lost, never to be found, without their guides.
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