Talking Families: Part 5

Between September 17 and October 15, kids ages 10 to 14 and their parents/caregivers are participating in a MoMA Family Art Workshop connected to the Talk to Me exhibition. After viewing and discussing objects in the exhibition, the family groups have developed their own communication-related inventions. We have invited them to share their projects here.

Inventors: Sahara, Kaiya and Brenda Steele
Age of inventors: 12, 12, and 50+
Invention: Homework Help Messenger

This device helps users with their homework as it turns speech into text. It can be handheld or mounted as a message board. It uses voice control to access the Internet, as well as search functions, and word processing. The device can print up to five sheets at a time, and also includes a video camera.

Inventors: Helena and Tom
Age of inventors: 10 and 45
Invention: Easy Night School

These wireless glasses can be worn at night as the user sleeps. Information is sent from a professor’s computer to the glasses. At school the next day there is only the need for physical education classes, tests, and recess.

Inventors: Seth and Ron Schulman
Age of inventors: 11 and 48
Invention:  Forever Charged

A solar charger for portable phones serves as a permanent case attached to the phone. The phone remains charged without using electricity. The charger receives light into a charging cell, which then keeps the battery in the phone continually charged.

Inventors: Zola and Ty Oyer
Age of inventors: 10 and 39
Invention: NYC Clean

Using preprogrammed images and scents, this robot roams New York City sidewalks identifying garbage and vacuuming it up. Once it has reached its waste capacity, the robot then identifies New York City wastebaskets located on street corners and empties its contents.

Inventors: Emma Weitz, Clara and Bettina Rosarius
Age of inventors: 10, 10, and 47
Invention: My Ballgame Friend

My Ballgame Friend can react to any wished ballgame action from tennis to tetherball. The figure hits or throws the ball back, and catches it, while ball itself is equipped with a sensor so it can be found by the robot in any location—even in the woods!

Inventors: Nathaniel and Isaac Koyfman
Age of inventors: 10 and 41
Invention: Medical Bracelet

This bracelet is to be worn on one’s wrist to calculate body vitals and biochemistry. It uses this information to advise the wearer on vitamin, water, and calorie intake, and then gives health warnings or recommendations.

Inventors: Camela and Yolando Irato
Age of inventors: 12 and 46
Invention: iTouch Light Bulb

Ease the turning on and off of table lamps with this special light bulb, developed with a sensor. To turn it on, put your hand close to the light bulb sensor. Body heat will automatically switch it on. To turn it off, blow on the light bulb, and the coolness will turn it off.

Inventors: Talia and Miriam Schulman
Age of inventors: 13 and 42
Invention: Photoshop Face Fixer

This is a cosmetic wand to use on the actual face to remove, lighten, or blend blemishes, freckles, and wrinkles. With a touch of a button, the user can aim the wand at any undesirable pigmentation on his or her face.

Inventors: Veronica and Brande Stellings
Age of inventors: 10 and 40+
Invention: Kitchen-in-a-Sphere
Essential kitchen tools are included in one collapsible sphere. This object reduces the amount of kitchen space needed. It also ensures that such tools can be easily found and stored. Simply press the button for the desired tool to pop out. Tools include measuring spoons, measuring cups, whisk, juicer, grater, mixing spoon, and temperature gauge.

Inventors: Sandhya and Sumitra Kilambi
Age of inventors: 10 years and 10+
Invention: Cottage of Swirling Warmth

Cold, wet swimmers sit on the bench for relief. The user must press the “candle” button outside the structure to begin drying off with warm, dry air. The hanging red tubes can be stretched to apply extra heat to certain parts of the body, for example, to dry hair.

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