The Exh Files: Part 2

Everything you have always wanted to know about how exhibitions get done, but you’ve never dared ask. The Exh Files bring you into the belly of the monster, not only to shed light on the curatorial process of Talk to Me, but also to cast the spotlight on the unsung heroes and heroines whose work is critical to the success of a show. For the duration of the exhibition, twice a week we will post three profiles of MoMA colleagues that were involved in the making of this show, and of many other MoMA exhibitions.

Daniela Stigh


Title at MoMA: Assistant Director, Department of Communications
Been working at the museum for: 12 years
A brief bio: I have done publicity for approximately 100 MoMA exhibitions, programs, and events. To quote Edina Monsoon: “”I PR things: People, places, concepts!”
Passion outside of MoMA: I have three; Liam, Max, and Dylan—my amazingly beautiful boys.
What I did in Talk to Me: I pitch and work with journalists, editors, bloggers, and producers  to generate as much press coverage as possible for the exhibition. I set up interviews with Paola and Kate, and assist various journalists, photographers, and film crews during their visits to the exhibition. The articles (newspaper, magazine, online) that you read and the segments (on TV and online) that you see are the results of my work.
Curatorial Team says: Daniela is amazing, she is truly one woman who can do it all.  We love working with her!


Shannon Darrough

Website Producer

Title at MoMA: Senior Media Developer, Digital Media
Been working at the museum for: 7 years (!)
A brief bio: Shannon grew up in California and is getting old in New York.
Passion outside of MoMA: Tennis, tunes, Tanqueray
What he did in Talk to Me: Project managed the lovely website
Curatorial Team says: Shannon is too modest–he also was able to figure out an entire system for incorporating QR tags into the catalogue as well as QR tags and Twitter hashtags for every object on the labels in the galleries–all firsts for MoMA.


Corey Wyckoff


Title at MoMA: Assistant Registrar, Collection Management and Exhibition Registration
Been working at the museum for: 6 years
A brief bio: I have had the pleasure of working on a number of temporary exhibitions here at MoMA including Safe: Design Takes on Risk, Martin Puryear, Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years, Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling, and Bauhaus 1919 – 1933: Workshops Through Modernity.
Passion outside of MoMA: Music and Literature
What he did in Talk to Me: I am responsible for many of the logistics involved with the packing, crating, shipping and installation of works in Talk to Me.
Curatorial Team says: Corey does not mention one of the extra duties that he took on for Talk to Me that is above and beyond: that of Tweenbot guardian.

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