<h1 class="page">COUNTER SPACE: RESOURCES</h1> <div id="main" class="resources"> <div id="header"> Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen </div> <div id="cs_nav" class="resources"> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space" class="introduction">Introduction</a> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/the_new_kitchen" class="the_new_kitchen">The New Kitchen</a> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/the_frankfurt_kitchen" class="the_frankfurt_kitchen">The Frankfurt Kitchen</a> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/visions_of_plenty" class="visions_of_plenty">Visions of Plenty</a> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/kitchen_sink_dramas" class="kitchen_sink_dramas">Kitchen Sink Dramas</a> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/blog" class="blog">Blog</a> <br class="clear" /> </div> <div id="content"> <h1 class="single" >resources</h1> <p>Selected Bibliography of Materials at the MoMA Library.</p> <h2>periodicals</h2> <p><span class="booktitle">Design Quarterly.</span> Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 1954&ndash;1996.</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Die Form.</span> Berlin: Kurt Schroeder, 1925&ndash;1935.</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Industrial Design.</span> New York: Design Publications, 1954&ndash;2009.</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Innendekoration.</span> Darmstadt: A. 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All are drawn from MoMA’s collection.</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Kärlek och Journalistik (Love and Journalism). </span>1913. Sweden. Directed by Mauritz Stiller </p> <p><span class="booktitle">Pleasure Mad. </span>1923. USA. Directed by Reginald Barker</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Too Young to Marry. </span>1931. USA. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Shoot the Works. </span>1934. USA. Directed by Wesley Ruggles</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Sprucin’ Up. </span>1935. USA. Directed by Gus Meins</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Luckiest Girl in the World. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Edward Buzzell</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Magnificent Brute. </span>1936. USA. Directed by John G. Blystone</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Modern Times. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Charles Chaplin</p> <p><span class="booktitle">My Man Godfrey. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Gregory LaCava</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Man I Marry. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Ralph Murphy</p> <p><span class="booktitle">I Married a Doctor. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Archie Mayo</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Meet Nero Wolfe. </span>1936. USA. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Borrowed Trouble. </span>1937. USA. Directed by Carter DeHaven</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Always in Trouble. </span>1938. USA. Directed by Joseph Santley</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Jitterbugs. </span>1938. USA. Directed by Walter Graham</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Merrily We Live. </span>1938. USA. Directed by Norman Z. McLeod</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Beloved Brat. </span>1938. USA. Directed by Arthur Lubin</p> <p><span class="booktitle">You Can’t Take It With You. </span>1938. USA. Directed by Frank Capra</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Invisible Stripes. </span>1939. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Blondie Meets the Boss. </span>1939. USA. Directed by Frank R. Strayer</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Calling Dr. Kildare. </span>1939. USA. Directed by Harold S. Bucquet</p> <p><span class="booktitle">On Borrowed Time. </span>1939. USA. Directed by Harold S. Bucquet</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Christmas in July. </span>1940. USA. Directed by Preston Sturges</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Three Cheers for the Irish. </span>1940. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Blondie in Society. </span>1941. USA. Directed by Frank R. Strayer</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Manpower. </span>1941. USA. Directed by Raoul Walsh</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Puddin’ Head. </span>1941. USA Directed by Joseph Santley</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Man Hunt. </span>1941. USA. Directed by Fritz Lang</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Shantytown. </span>1943. USA. Directed by Joseph Santley</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Arsenic and Old Lace. </span>1944. USA. Directed by Frank Capra</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Sullivans. </span>1944. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Christmas in Connecticut. </span>1945. USA. Directed by Peter Godfrey</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Pillow to Post. </span>1945. USA. Directed by Vincent Sherman</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Janie Gets Married. </span>1946. USA. Directed by Vincent Sherman</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Best Years of Our Lives. </span>1946. USA. Directed by Samuel Goldwyn</p> <p><span class="booktitle">My Wild Irish Rose. </span>1947. USA. Directed by David Butler</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Egg and I. </span>1947. USA. Directed by Chester Erskine</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Room for One More. </span>1952. USA. Directed by Norman Taurog</p> <p><span class="booktitle">How to Marry a Millionaire. </span>1953. USA. Directed by Jean Negulesko</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Long Grey Line. </span>1955. USA. Directed by John Ford</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Young at Heart. </span>1954. USA. Directed by Gordon Douglas</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Full of Life. </span>1956. USA. Directed by Richard Quine</p> <p><span class="booktitle">My Man Godfrey. </span>1957. USA. Directed by Henry Koster</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Catered Affair. </span>1957. USA. Directed by Richard Brooks</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Imitation of Life. </span>1959. USA. Directed by Douglas Sirk</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Please Don’t Eat the Daisies. </span>1960. USA. Directed by Charles Walters</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Apartment. </span>1960. USA. Directed by Billy Wilder</p> <p><span class="booktitle">A Raisin in the Sun. </span>1961. USA. Directed by Daniel Petrie</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Thrill of It All. </span>1963. USA. Directed by Norman Jewison</p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Odd Couple. </span>1968. USA. Directed by Gene Saks </p> <p><span class="booktitle">The Stepford Wives. </span>1975. USA. Directed by Bryan Forbes</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Kramer vs. Kramer. </span>1979. USA. Directed by Robert Benton</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Tootsie. </span>1982. USA. Directed by Sydney Pollack</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Uncle Buck. </span>1989. USA. Directed by John Hughes</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Point of No Return. </span>1993. USA. Directed by John Badham</p> <p><span class="booktitle">Big Night. </span>1995. USA. Directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci</p> </div> <div id="sidebar"> <div id="recentblogs"> <h3>recent blog posts</h3> <ul> <li> <small>April 28, 2011</small> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/blog/hidden-kitchens">Hidden Kitchens</a> </li> <li> <small>March 2, 2011</small> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/blog/home-is-where-the-art-is">Home Is Where the Art Is</a> </li> <li> <small>February 21, 2011</small> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/blog/today-a-live-streaming-walkthrough-of-the-counter-space-exhibition">Today: A Live-Streaming Walkthrough of the <i>Counter Space</i> Exhibition</a> </li> <li> <small>February 15, 2011</small> <a href="/interactives/exhibitions/2010/counter_space/blog/eat-drink-read-moma">Eat, Drink, (Read!) 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