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October 20, 2010  |  Collection & Exhibitions, Counter Space
Mystery Solved: Counter Space Film Stills Identified!

Many thanks to the Counter Space fans who contributed over the past few weeks to our Mystery Film Still Contest. We were thrilled by the speed and enthusiasm of your responses! Now we are happy to announce—and sincerely congratulate—the winner, Richard Finegan of Framingham, MA, who identified ALL of the film stills. Here are the answers in the original order (with actors identified in the image captions below). Thanks again to all who participated, and stay tuned for more kitchen contests in the future!

1. Service de Luxe. 1938. Directed by Rowland V. Lee. Produced by Universal Pictures. (Check out this clip of the kitchen scene!)
2. Married and in Love. 1940. Directed by John Farrow. Produced by RKO Radio Pictures
3. Campus Crushes. 1930. Directed by Mack Sennett. Produced by Mack Sennett Comedies
4. Manhattan Moon. 1935. Directed by Stuart Walker. Produced by Universal Pictures
5. Warming Up. 1928. Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer. Produced by Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation
6. The Go Getter. 1937. Directed by Busby Berkeley. Produced by Cosmopolitan Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures
7. Call It a Day. 1937. Directed by Archie Mayo. Produced by Cosmopolitan Productions, Warner Bros. Pictures
8. Hot Luck. 1928. Directed by Charles Lamont. Produced by Jack White
9. Gun Crazy (aka Deadly Is the Female). 1950. Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Produced by King Brothers Productions
10. Test Pilot. 1938. Directed by Victor Fleming. Produced by MGM Corp.

Charlie Ruggles and Mischa Auer in Service de Luxe (1938)

Barbara Read and Alan Marshal in Married and in Love (1940)

Nick Stuart, Marjorie Beebe, and Andy Clyde in Campus Crushes (1930)

Adrienne D'Ambricourt, Dorothy Page, and Luis Alberni in Manhattan Moon (1935)

Jean Arthur and Richard Dix in Warming Up (1928)

Ann Doran (maid), George Humbert (with cleaver), and George Brent (with hat) in The Go Getter (1937)

Elsa Buchanan, Beryl Mercer, and Una O'Connor in Call It a Day (1937)

Malcolm Sebastian (boy) in Hot Luck (1928)

Anabel Shaw, John Dall, and Peggy Cummins in Gun Crazy (1950)

Myrna Loy and Clark Gable (seated) in Test Pilot (1938)


beautiful! I love it!.. hope to see more!!!

Muito bacana !!!

I really hope to see that!!^^

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