Open Ends
Open Ends, the final cycle of the MoMA2000 exhibitions, explores the period from the 1960s to the present, an era that has seen unprecedented cross-pollination among traditional and new artistic mediums. Photography and film have had a tremendous impact on painting and printmaking; new forms of installation have arisen that blurred the line between sculpture, architecture, and performance; and entirely new domains, such as video art, have become prominent.

Accordingly, Open Ends presents an especially varied range of objects, images, and room-sized installations, allowing extra space for the larger scale of many contemporary works. On view throughout the Museum will be masterworks by some of the most influential artists of the past forty years, along with an impressive number of recently acquired works by emerging artists, affirming MoMA's ongoing commitment to contemporary creativity. Open Ends includes eleven distinct exhibitions examining key themes and lines of affinity that have defined the artists and the period under consideration.
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