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Road to Victory
Fred Wilson's online project Road to Victory--titled after The Museum of Modern Art's 1942 exhibition that included photographs of the United States at war--explores the Museum's memory of itself by mining the institution's photographic archive. Constructing narratives through juxtapositions and connections among documentary images and texts borrowed from the archive, he reveals much of what, though visible, is not on display: the Museum's visitors, its staff, its exhibition graphics and wall texts. According to the artist, Road to Victory is "about the Museum's lost social agenda. These archival photographs expose the Museum's use of didactic material to persuade the public of its liberal point of view as well as its aesthetic ideas." Wilson further explores this image bank in a wall installation created for The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect, entitled Art in Our Time, after the exhibition that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Museum in 1939.

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