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Allan McCollum's online project The Registration of an Artwork consists of an overly exhaustive compilation of layers of catalogue information on his Collection of Four Hundred and Eighty Plaster Surrogates on view in The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect. This project speaks to the museum's disposition toward fastidious record keeping and meticulous research through its registrarial methods, taking "the museum registration process as a metaphor for the registration of an artwork into history." According to McCollum, "This Web project concerns the making of meaning. An artwork often enters the register of history by way of 'supplemental' information that conditions the art object itself: its provenance, its condition, its critical reception, the artist's other works, the storage costs, and so on. I am amplifying all these supplements to include so many references and cross-references that the whole conventional process of making meaning is problematized, brought into view, made visible."

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