Visual Perception
contains answers to questions and a glossary of terms pertaining to the mechanics of visual perception as applied to Bonnard's paintings. Included also are diagrams of the eye.

The Unstretched/Stretched essay gives a short description of the unique way in which Bonnard painted. It explains what was characteristic about his unusual method, considers the reason why he worked that way, and offers a comparison with the work of the Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock.

The Edward John Noble Education Center is hosting an installation related to the Bonnard exhibition. The installation features a blow-up of the painting The Bathroom (1932). Consider how the following topics are handled by the painter: light, color, pattern and perception.

Bonnard's Studio offers a view into the artist's workspace.

Working Method presents a list of characteristics of the artist's working method; direct witness accounts of Bonnard's painting process; and photographs of the painter at work.

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