Sound Design & Music Composition - Flip Baber
Voice Actors - Dr. Jeffrey Guild, Jason Sneed, Aaron Breslaw, Doug Meehan

To create 291, Jason Sneed selected quotes and excerpts from Dadaist writings. The quotes were then drawn out of a hat and matched with different sounds described in the texts, using a combination of Dada strategies that depart from rationality and are assisted by the laws of chance, intuition, and assemblage. This random arrangement will hopefully result in new meanings and non-meanings, providing an entirely new interpretive method—or nothing at all. 291 features quotes from a variety of people affiliated with Dada, including Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp, Hans Richter, Margery Rex, Francis Picabia, and Hugo Ball.

291 is inspired by the exhibition Dada
June 18, 2006–September 11, 2006 ]]>
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