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Beginning at midnight (PST) on Friday, November 23, and continuing through December 31, MoMA's Art Lab iPad app will be only $1.99.</b></p> <p class="headroom15">Select "Gift this app" using the arrow next to the price in the App Store to purchase the app for family or friends, or download it for yourself. This is a limited-time offer for the holidays only, so buy the app today!</p>--> <p class="headroom15">Get creative and use the MoMA Art Lab iPad app to make a sound composition, a shape poem, a group drawing, and more, then save and share your artwork (parental setting available). Explore how artists use line, shape, and color, discover artists' processes and inspirations, and create your own artwork inspired by MoMA's collection. Artists featured in the MoMA Art Lab app include Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Elizabeth Murray, and others.</p> <p class="headroom15">The MoMA Art Lab iPad app is intended for ages seven and up.</p> <h2>Features</h2> <ul> <li>Create and save your own artwork</li> <li>Play with shapes, lines, and colors</li> <li>Activities inspired by works of art, including: </li> <ul class="top" style="margin-left: 15px"> <li>Create a mobile</li> <li>Experiment with paint</li> <li>Draw from instructions</li> <li>Create a sound composition </li> <li>Draw with scissors </li> <li>Make a line design </li> <li>Collaborate on a group drawing </li> <li>Create a shape poem </li> <li>Make a chance collage </li> </ul> <li>Creative prompts for extra inspiration </li> <li>Audio for pre-readers </li> <li>Learn about works of art at MoMA. Artists include Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Elizabeth Murray, Sol LeWitt, Jim Lambie, Brice Marden, and others. </li> <li>Share your artwork with others</li> </ul> <p> <a class="create_mp button-rounded slideshow-button" href="#" data-slideshow-id="1" json_url="/artwork_submission/1/slide_show_detail.json">View slide show of featured submissions</a></p> <br /><br /> <p>Please note that the sharing function in this app, which permits the user to share artwork with MoMA, and with others by email or Twitter, is turned off by default so that parents can decide whether to permit their child to share their artwork. Instructions for enabling sharing can be found in the Information/For Parents section of the app.</p> <p>Got questions? Check out our <a href="faq">FAQ page</a> for MoMA Mobile.</p> <div class="clear"></div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> </div> <div class="column-c"> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div>