June 16, 2011  |  I Went to MoMA and
“I Went to MoMA and…”: All in the Family

A few weeks ago we posted a series of notes that visitors had left telling us about dates, kisses, and even marriage proposals taking place at MoMA, as you can see here. But museums aren’t just good for romance; they’re great places to go with family, whether you’re a parent bringing children or a teen escorting a grandparent.

Discussions about a favorite painting or reactions to the lines and rhythms of a work of art can help bring us together. It’s refreshing, too, to experience a piece you’ve already seen from a different perspective—through the eyes of a grandfather who remembers when Pollock began dripping paint onto canvas, a mother who marched with the second-wave feminists, or a toddler who hasn’t yet learned to revere Van Gogh for anything besides his colors.

We’re thrilled that so many visitors think of MoMA as a place to bring their loved ones, both young and old, and we encourage you to do the same. What you find here might surprise you.