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A Series of Colored Patches
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Layering the Paint
Setting the Scene
The Role of Underdrawing
Rhythm of Execution
Fully Realized from the Start
Integrating the Ground - Cézanne
Integrating the Ground - Pissarro
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Fully Realized from the Start

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Mill on the Couleuvre near Pontoise (Le Moulin sur le Couleuvre à Pontoise) (c. 1881) is a more developed work compared to the previous  paintings. But here too Cézanne began with a fairly complete underdrawing outlining the composition. It is difficult to tell if he laid in the kinds of washes he used in Bridge and Dam, Pontoise (1881), as the final layers of paint cover much of the canvas without any skips to reveal prior campaigns beneath; the paint is generally thicker and denser than in the other paintings we have seen. Also unlike the other works from 1881, he made one significant change from his initial drawing: in the center there is a triangular shape, possibly that of a haystack that was painted over, edited out of the composition.