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Photographers of Louise Bourgeois portraits are cited beneath the photographs.
Photographers of Louise Bourgeois’s Maman on site:
Georges Meguerditchian, Centre Pompidou (in Tuileries Garden)
Marcus Leith (at Tate Modern)
Photographers of other works of art by Louise Bourgeois:
Christopher Burke, Primary photographer for the Louise Bourgeois Studio
Other photographers:
Stefan Altenburger
Peter Bellamy
British Museum
I. Bessi, Carrara
Jay Brooks
Jenni Carter, Sydney Biennial
James Dee
Frédéric Delpech, CAPC de Bordeaux
Allan Finkelman
Zindman Fremont
Maximilian Geuter
David Heald
Eeva Inkeri
Marcus Leith
Jochen Littkemann
Orcutt & Van Der Putten
Rafael Lobato
Piermarco Menini
Philippe Migeat, dist. RMN, Centre Pompidou
C. E. Mitchell
Peter Moore
Volker Naumann
Kent Pell
Beth Phillips
Georges Poncet
Tom Powell
Adam Rzepka
Ben Shiff
Steven Sloman
Lee Stalsworth
Christian Wachter

Special thanks to
Jerry Gorovoy, Louise Bourgeois’s Assistant
Wendy Williams, Managing Director, Louise Bourgeois Studio
The staff of Louise Bourgeois Studio
Peter Blum of Peter Blum Editions
Felix Harlan and Carol Weaver of Harlan & Weaver,
with the assistance of Derick Wycherly
Raylene Marasco of Dyenamix
Carolina Nitsch of Carolina Nitsch Editions
Judith Solodkin of SOLO Impression