Kim Beom. Untitled (Intimate Suffering #11). 2012

Kim Beom Untitled (Intimate Suffering #11) 2012

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In each work in his most recent series of paintings, begun in 2008 and titled Intimate Suffering, Kim Beom creates a visual riddle by mapping a massive network of lines that zigzag across a ten-by-seven foot canvas. In laboring over such an absurd task, Kim interrogates the idea of art as a leisure activity. At the same time, the viewer is challenged to solve this colossal labyrinth—certainly a visual endurance test. As Kim notes, "Life comes with its share of problems, and solving problems and finding the right way is hard, but it seems to be human instinct and nature to do so."

Gallery label from Unfinished Conversations, March 19-July 30, 2017
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
124 7/8 × 87" (317 × 221 cm)
Fund for the Twenty-First Century
Object number
Painting and Sculpture