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Yeonghwa is the Korean word for film, and since South Korean cinema now features prominently in every major international film festival, it is a good word for cineastes to know. Korean film tends to blend technical excellence with idiosyncratic expression and an entrepreneurial spirit—filmmakers often write and direct their work, and both actors and filmmakers benefit from the country’s homegrown “star system”—while embracing a wide variety of styles and subjects. Korean cinema is generally made for a national audience, so its vision is rarely diminished by compromises in the name of global appeal. This second edition of Yeonghwa includes nine new feature films, including Yim Soon-rye’s Rolling Home with a Bull, along with a program of award-winning short films by major directors; a two-film salute to the late director Lee Man-hee; and Jeon Kyu-hwan’s remarkable “Town Trilogy.”

Presented in collaboration with The Korea Society. Co-organized by Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, and Yuni Yoonjung Cho, Assistant Director, Film, The Korea Society, with the help of the Korean Film Council and the Korean Film Archive.

The exhibition is made possible by Hyundai Card Company.