Brochure for the Educational Project at MoMA. 1939
  • Mezzanine, Cullman Education and Research Building

In 1929 The Museum of Modern Art opened with the mission of “encouraging and developing the study of modern arts…and furnishing popular instruction.” The spaces in which these goals have been realized at the Museum are integral to the institution’s history, and the inaugural year of the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building provides the ideal moment to explore them.

This exhibition traces the development of educational activities at the Museum through the various spaces that were devoted to them between 1929 and 1969. The spaces considered range from the Young People’s Gallery, the People’s Art Center (which closed in 1969), the War Veteran Art Center, and the Children’s Art Carnival, to a caravan designed to travel to communities throughout New York City.

This selection from the Museum of Modern Art Library and the Museum Archives highlights the institution’s progressive educational activities and the individuals who shaped them. An animated timeline of the history of education at the Museum during this period accompanies these documents.

Organized by Gwen Farrelly, Landau Fellow, Department of Education, The Museum of Modern Art