*Vincere.* 2009. Italy/France. Directed by Marco Bellocchio. Photo credit: Daniele Musso. Courtesy IFC Films

Vincere. 2009. Italy/France. Directed by Marco Bellocchio. In Italian; English subtitles. 128 min.

Screenplay by Bellocchio, Daniela Ceselli. With Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Filippo Timi, Fausto Russo Alesi. Vincere recounts, with operatic flair, the little-known story of Benito Mussolini’s first wife, Ida Dalser, from Mussolini’s first political undertakings in the 1910s to their postwar separation, which left Ida and her son in forced institutionalization. Using newsreels, flashy headlines, and archival footage to evoke the period, and shot through with severe shadows and a muscular elegance, Bellocchio’s film bursts with passion and authority—and reminds us of the brutality that often comes hand-in-hand with each.

  1. Wednesday, May 7, 2014,
    4:00 p.m.

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  2. Sunday, May 4, 2014,
    2:30 p.m.

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This film accompanies Marco Bellocchio: A Retrospective.