*The Nylon Christmas Tree. (Neilonis nadzvis khe)*. USSR. 1986. Directed and co-written by Rezo Esadze. Courtesy of Gosfilmofond of Russia

Neilonis nadzvis khe (The Nylon Christmas Tree). 1986. USSR. Directed and cowritten by Rezo Esadze. In Georgian; French and English subtitles. 78 min.

With Ruslan Mikaberidze, Guram Petriasjvili, Zurab Kipshidze. This particularly strong ensemble film follows the stories and dreams of different characters trying to get home to celebrate the New Year. The chaotic jostling for space on the few busses that actually show up at the station in Tbilisi gives way to a more extended focus on individuals thrown together from across a wide social spectrum. By turns scary, funny, and moving, the director’s ability to illuminate a character with a few strokes is uncanny, and his control of space and rhythm distinguishes this revealing group portrait of the Georgian people during Perestroika.

  1. Saturday, December 20, 2014,
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