New Design High School, Manhattan
Call of Comfort. 2019. Germany. Directed by Brenda Lien

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On August 9, MoMA, Rooftop Films, and The Future of Film Is Female present an evening of short films by female filmmakers at the New Design High School on the Lower East Side.

One of the many encouraging results of having more women writing, directing, editing, and starring in new films is that we are seeing a wider variety of uncategorizable women onscreen. In this program of short films we celebrate that progress, showcasing shorts films that aren’t afraid to dive into the complexities of the female experience and explore topics of jealousy, desire, loneliness and what—if anything—women owe one another. In a visual language that is unique to their perspectives, these filmmakers expose deep-rooted power structures and injustices, making them impossible to ignore. Alternatingly biting, poignant, funny, and frightening, they explore the confusing joys and unpredictable dangers that color the lives of women in the modern world.

The Arrest. USA. Directed by Kira Akerman. 7 min.
The Arrest is about a young woman’s encounter with the New Orleans criminal justice system.

Call of Comfort. Germany. Directed by Brenda Lien. 9 min.
“Please agree to terms and conditions to be a part of the Community,” says the Big Data crystal ball as it bathes you in positive affirmations and hyper-personalized ads. “All for your own benefit, of course.” You are a never-ending energy source. Feel your body becoming heavy and relaxed, and just say, “Yes!”

Egg. France/Denmark. Directed by Martina Scarpelli. 12 min.
A woman is locked in her home with an egg, which she is both attracted to and scared of. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.

Fence. Kosovo/France/Croatia. Directed by Lendita Zeqiraj. 15 min.
Several women from different generations of the same family loudly confront each other with their views on life, love, desire, and the patriarchy. The family gathering turns into chaos while the youngest one—the only boy—looks for an escape.

Kaya. USA. Directed by Catherine Fordham. 12 min.
At a truck stop motel in Socorro, New Mexico, Kaya searches for her teenage sister, Luna, who was taken by a sex trafficker named Buck. Instead, she discovers another young girl with a connection to Buck’s crew. Desperate to extract the girl and get information out of the local pimp, Kaya takes her place with the girls last “date” and sets a trap.

Me Time. USA. Directed by Iyabo Boyd. 12 min.
Deborah, wound up after a hectic work day, is thinking about how to decompress when three parts of her inner psyche appear and encourage her to get it on, solo. The Debs fondly rehash their more promiscuous years and work through past trauma, ultimately coming together to break through their personal limitations around self-care and sex.

Night Swim. USA. Directed by Victoria Rivera. 12 min.
Three teenage girls break into a shut-down pool on a hot summer night. But when uninvited guests show up, their friendship is tested and one of them is left behind.

Piu Piu. USA. Directed by Naima Ramos-Chapman. 10 min.
A mundane trip to the city turns into a psycho-surrealist nightmare when a restless young woman chooses to escape the confines of romance for a moment of silence and freedom.

Searching for Her. Hong Kong. Directed by Natalie Archambaud Chao. 4 min.
This poetic film tries to bridge the gap between time and space, love and loss, mother and daughter.

Star Shaped Scar. Finland. Directed by Virva Kunttu, Vuokko Kunttu. 12 min.
Star Shaped Scar is a short documentary about Jasmin Britney Koskiranta, a 26-year-old woman from Finland. Jasmin does not work and she rarely leaves her apartment. Jasmin has a passion for clothes, make-up, and especially for expensive shoes. She has several pairs of designer shoes that cost about 5,000 euros a pair. These shoes have very high heels and are almost impossible to walk in.