*Big Bridge / La máxima longitud de un Puente*. 2018. Colombia/Argentina. Directed by Simón Vélez López

Featuring Big Bridge by Simón Vélez López, Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year by Jacqueline Lentzou, Misericórdia by Xavier Marrades, A Million Years by Danech San, and Echoes by Lucila Mariani

Program 94 min.

La máxima longitud de un Puente (Big Bridge). 2018. Colombia/Argentina. Directed by Simón Vélez López. Spanish with English subtitles. 14 min.

After a daring dive in Colombia's Cauca River, a young man steals a motorcycle to take his girlfriend for a ride in this subdued yet mesmerizing work. North American Premiere

Ektoras Malo: I Teleftea Mera Tis Chronias (Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year). 2018. Greece. Directed by Jacqueline Lentzou. Greek with English subtitles. 23 min.

A young woman spends New Year’s Eve reflecting on a foreboding dream in this wistful portrait of loneliness and alienation. Winner of the Leica Cine Discovery Prize at the 57th Cannes Critics' Week. New York Premiere

Misericórdia. 2019. Brazil/Spain. Directed by Xavier Marrades. Portuguese with English subtitles. 21 min.

Filmed around Brazil's Itaparica Island, this oneiric documentary evokes the rich, complicated ancestry of Bahia—considered the African heart of Brazil—through the dreams of its present-day inhabitants. World Premiere

A Million Years. 2018. Cambodia. Directed by Danech San. Khmer with English subtitles. 21 min.

Combining naturalism and dreamy stylization, this intoxicating, personal film follows a man and a woman as they wander through a rainforest. North American Premiere

Resonancias (Echoes). 2019. Argentina. Directed by Lucila Mariani. Spanish with English subtitles. 15 min.

In this ruminative snapshot, a swimmer with a clogged ear finds herself drawn back to the sea. North American premiere

  1. Saturday, March 30,
    12:00 p.m.

    Lincoln Center, Walter Reade Theater
  2. Thursday, March 28,
    6:15 p.m.

    The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
This film accompanies New Directors/New Films 2019.