Clowning Around (the World): "The Swiss clown Grock in his famous make-up"

A four-film roundup of putty-nosed refugees from the music halls, Broadway, and circus rings. Bringing their hard-won and time-tested personas, make-ups, props, and gags with them, these established masters of live performance transferred their clown’s-eye view of the universe to film. Featuring the world-renowned favorites Karl Valentin, Harry Watson Jr., Toto, and Grock.

Piano accompaniment by Ben Model (November 25) and Shari Cummings (November 29). Program Approx. 90 min.

Karl Valentin Hochzeit (Karl Valentin’s Wedding). 1912. Germany

Print courtesy of The Austrian Film Museum

Outs and Ins. 1916. USA. Directed by Louis Myll

His Busy Day. 1918. USA. Directed by Hal Roach

Son premier film. 1926. France. Directed by Jean Kemm

  1. Thursday, November 29, 2018,
    7:30 p.m.

    The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
  2. Sunday, November 25, 2018,
    1:30 p.m.

    The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
This film accompanies Silent Comedy International.