*Wild in the Streets*. 1968. USA. Directed by Barry Shear

Wild in the Streets. 1968. USA. Directed by Barry Shear. Screenplay by Robert Thom. 97 min.

“Many of the Club 57 regulars were too young to be hippies or beatniks in the 1960s, and were therefore too young to have gone wild in the streets. So, naturally, the notion of going wild in the streets held a romantic fascination. In this satire about the generation gap (a popular term in 1968), disaffected teen Max Flatow (a handsome Christopher Jones) leaves his castrating mother (Shelley Winters) and becomes a pop idol, a music business millionaire, and then POTUS. The film also features Diane Varsi (Peyton Place), Hal Holbrook, and Richard Pryor. From Renata Adler of The New York Times, June 6, 1968: ‘Brutally witty and intelligent. It is a very blunt, bitter, head-on but live (sic) and funny attack on the problem of the generations. The best American film of the year—so far.’” (film notes by John Epperson).

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