SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy & Resistance Movement) at Arika’s Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist. Glasgow, Tramway, November 2017; Photo: Alex Woodward

For this day-long festival, sex workers and their allies from New York and across Europe will convene at MoMA PS1 to debate, perform, dance, strategize, and share knowledge. The day will feature film, performance, and discussion exploring how the desires and struggles of sex workers become embodied in everyday acts of creativity and solidarity. By creating this communal social space, sex workers and allies work to expand awareness and continue to build crucial alliances.

Organized with Red Umbrella Project, Sex Worker Action New York, Gays and Lesbians Living In a Transgender Society, New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance, Prostitutes of New York, Black Sex Workers Collective, Sex Worker Advocacy & Resistance Movement (SWARM), Scot-PEP, The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, Umbrella Lane, Aprosex, and Arika.

Tickets: $15 (MoMA Members $13)

MoMA PS1’s acclaimed VW Sunday Sessions program welcomes visitors to experience art live and in real time. Embracing performance, music, dance, conversations, and film, the program vividly demonstrates how these art forms can push us to engage with our contemporary world in creative, illuminating ways. With an emphasis on artistic practices that blur and break traditional genre boundaries, the program supports and commissions new work, inviting artists, curators, and other cultural instigators to share their latest projects.

This performance is part of VW Sunday Sessions.