*Midnight Lace*. 1960. USA. Directed by David Miller. Courtesy of Universal Pictures/Photofest. © Universal Pictures

Midnight Lace. 1960. USA. Directed by David Miller. 103 min.

Before Andy Rees was officially the manager of Club 57, his influence was felt in the early 1980 screening of the 1960 Doris Day vehicle Midnight Lace. Rees and his partner, David Richardson, a dancer and children’s ballet master at New York City Ballet as well as a Day fan, promoted the screening in tandem. A Doris Day film at Club 57 was not inappropriate, since the singing star was the kind of media personality of whom baby boomers were all too aware. In this lush, Ross Hunter production, Day is gaslighted in London by someone…but who? Could it be Roddy McDowall, Rex Harrison, John Gavin, Herbert Marshall, Myrna Loy, or Hermione Baddeley? Hunter lays on the production values, including a nonstop Oscar-nominated fashion parade by designer “Irene” and sumptuous cinematography by Russell Metty. But director David Miller, even though he had served Joan Crawford well in the thriller 1952 thriller Sudden Fear, is no Douglas Sirk, Hunter’s greatest collaborator. Nevertheless, Day’s distraught performance proves she was a real actress. From the website DVDBeaver: ‘Suavely effective, with extra fun spotting the joins between the authentic location work featuring Dotty’s stand-in, and the star herself back in Burbank on the least-convincing London street this side of The Spy Who Shagged Me.’” (film notes by John Epperson).

  1. Saturday, December 23, 2017,
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    7:00 p.m.

    Followed by a conversation between John Epperson and David Richardson
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