*I Could Go on Singing*. 1963. Great Britain/USA. Directed by Ronald Neame. Courtesy of United Artists Corp./Photofest. © United Artists Corp.

I Could Go on Singing. 1963. Great Britain/USA. Directed by Ronald Neame. 99 min.

“Andy Rees’s influence at Club 57 in the 1980s was felt in his penchant for live theater—his own productions (The Bad Seed, Ghosts), the productions of Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman (Livin’ Dolls, The Trojan Women), and others. His taste in movies was also on display with the screening of Judy Garland’s last film, I Could Go on Singing (1963). Although the Baby Boomer habitués of Club 57 had been weaned on annual television broadcasts of The Wizard of Oz, the screening of I Could Go on Singing may have been the only time the club paid any tribute to the great actress/singer Garland. 365movieguy.com says: ‘Arguably the most revealing piece of art Judy Garland ever made…. She deserves credit for finding a way to use her despair as fuel for her increasingly tormented performance.’” (film notes by John Epperson).

  1. Sunday, December 17, 2017,
    4:00 p.m.

    Floor T2, Theater 2
  2. Thursday, December 14, 2017,
    7:00 p.m.

    Followed by a conversation between John Epperson and Charles Busch
    Floor T2, Theater 2