*Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera*, 2015, at MoMA PS1 as part of VW Sunday Sessions. © 2015 MoMA PS1, New York. Photo: Mark Cole

With James Hoff; Bill Kouligas; TCF; M.E.S.H.; Aleksandra Domanovic; Harm Van den Dorpel

Sunday Sessions presents the US premiere of Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera as part of a day organised by Bill Kouligas, founder PAN, Berlin.

Collaborators since 2010, acclaimed sound experimentalist Florian Hecker and multidisciplinary artist Mark Leckey are both interested in the exploration of sound and its material effects. Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera brings together two discrete solo works to form a mutant configuration in which Hecker decomposes, modulates, and re-synthesizes the vocal track from Leckey’s 2010 performance piece GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction (for which Leckey intoned the inner monologue of a black Samsung fridge) and Hecker’s own 3 Channel Chronics installation from that same year. The resulting work is a multivalent, tri-part hybrid in which heavily distorted fragments of Leckey’s narrative intersperse Hecker’s synthetic textures and fidgety tonal patterns.

James Hoff often engages with culture and technology through parasitic and disruptive interventions. For this event he joins Norwegian artist TCF to present a new work — a sonification and visualization of the hidden traffic of cell phone signals, radio waves, wifi signals, and electromagnetic fields.

M.E.S.H. (James Whipple) and Aleksandra Domanović present an expanded visual and audio performance of their recent collaborative installation.

Bill Kouligas performs a live refactoring of music from PAN, specifically focusing on the artists involved with the event and drawing connections between radically disparate releases. Examining the role of the label as an artist-run initiative, Kouligas filters the works of label artists through his own creative practice.

In conjunction with this event Harm van der Dorpel streams content from, Deli Near PAN Franchise (Autosurfing) β, which maps decaying actor-network theory visuals across the VW Dome.


James Hoff


Bill Kouligas

M.E.S.H. and Aleksandra Domanović, FKK in Jugoslawien, 2015

Conversation with Jenny Schlenzka, Bill Kouligas, Mark Leckey and Florian Hecker

Mark Leckey, GreenScreenRefrigerator, 2010

Florian Hecker, 3 Channel Chronics, 2010

Florian Hecker and Mark Leckey, Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera, 2015

MoMA PS1’s acclaimed VW Sunday Sessions performance series welcomes visitors to experience and participate in live art. Since its founding in 1976, MoMA PS1 has offered audiences one of the most extensive programs of live performance in the world. VW Sunday Sessions highlights artists responding to contemporary social and political issues through a wide variety of creative and critical lenses. Encompassing performance, music, dance, conversation, and film, the series develops and presents projects by established and emerging artists, scholars, activists, and other cultural instigators. With a focus on artists that blur and break traditional genre boundaries, VW Sunday Sessions embraces the communities in New York City that create and sustain artistic practice.

Since 2012, VW Sunday Sessions has presented a commissioning program resulting in new work by Trajal Harrell, Mårten Spångberg, Anne Imhof, Tobias Madison and Matthew Lutz Kinoy, Hannah Black, and Colin Self. Additionally, the VW Dome Artist Residency offers a platform for creative development and experimentation for artists at all stages of the creative process.


Sunday Sessions is organized by Jenny Schlenzka, Associate Curator, with Alex Sloane, Curatorial Assistant; Rosey Selig-Addiss, Associate Producer and Lucy Lie, Production Assistant.

With special thanks to PAN.

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Sunday Sessions and the VW Dome at MoMA PS1 are made possible by a partnership with Volkswagen of America.

This performance is part of VW Sunday Sessions.