Links between art, contemporaneity, and the common lie at the heart of Chantal Pontbriand’s writings as a critic, editor and curator. This collection of essays written in the first decade of the XXIst C looks at different issues that come up in the context of examining what binds the practice of art to issues in the contemporary world, and how that bond articulates itself.

She describes contemporaneity as a flow, a performative being in opposition to modernism or postmodernism; a space-time being that is never fixed nor should it be fixated. Artists’ works here nourish case studies for understanding what is at play in our current condition of being-in-the-world, with the impact of politics and economy.

Essays on artists such as Claire Fontaine, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, Ion Grigorescu, Carsten Höller, Mike Kelley, Sigalit Landau, Rabih Mroué, Yvonne Rainer, and Rirkrit Tiravanija appear in the collection, together with her thoughts on the seminal issues stirring the field of contemporary art.

MoMA PS1’s acclaimed VW Sunday Sessions program welcomes visitors to experience art live and in real time. Embracing performance, music, dance, conversations, and film, the program vividly demonstrates how these art forms can push us to engage with our contemporary world in creative, illuminating ways. With an emphasis on artistic practices that blur and break traditional genre boundaries, the program supports and commissions new work, inviting artists, curators, and other cultural instigators to share their latest projects.

Sunday Sessions is organized by Jenny Schlenzka, Associate Curator with Mike Skinner, Producer, Alex Sloane, Live Programming Coordinator and Rosey Selig-Addiss, Production Assistant.

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Sunday Sessions and the VW Dome at MoMA PS1 are made possible by a partnership with Volkswagen of America.

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