*Drive a Crooked Road*. 1954. USA. Directed by Richard Quine

Drive a Crooked Road. 1954. USA. Directed by Richard Quine. 83 min.

Screenplay by Blake Edwards. With Mickey Rooney, Diane Foster, Kevin McCarthy. Shaking off his countless prewar roles as an American innocent, baby-faced Mickey Rooney plays a lovelorn garage mechanic and amateur racing enthusiast who finds himself seduced by a gangster’s moll into driving the getaway car after a Palm Springs bank robbery—only to turn the tables when he realizes he’s been duped. This sun-drenched noir, one of Rooney’s favorites, demonstrates the actor’s range and subtlety (in director Richard Quine and screenwriter Blake Edwards he would find sympathetic collaborators, and he enlisted them to work on his popular television show); a sultry Diane Foster and a cunning Kevin McCarthy and Marvin Miller round out the cast.

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