Join us on Sunday afternoon in the new MoMA PS1 Performance Dome for a 5-hour open jam session with Share, a project that provides an open space for knowledge exchange and audio/visual performance. Visitors are encouraged to bring their audio and video gear, patch into an open audio-video mixing system, join in an open jam and form impromptu collaborations. The geodesic dome will be equipped with a 48 input multi-channel sound system and multiple video projectors. Please bring instruments to generate sound and light within the dome’s environment.

All instruments are welcome from guitars, flutes, and cellos to drum machines, laptops, video synths, mirrors, homemade electronics, and self-invented instruments. For best results be prepared to plug into VGA, composite video, or mono 1/4″ audio jacks. So bring that circuit-bent 16mm fish eye oscillated PCM multi-bit OSC time-stretched vibrating membranous string controller you’ve been working on so long, alone in your bedroom—and share it with Long Island City.

Sunday Sessions is supported in part by The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art.