Join artist Stephanie Diamond (American, b. 1975) and child psychiatrist Tamara Vanderwal (Canadian, b. 1976) at MoMA Studio: Breathe with Me as they present Spectators, a pamphlet-inspired object that uses mirrors and windows to alter the viewer's perspective and self-awareness. Participants will learn about the making of Spectators, and then use them to explore the Studio and the related exhibition Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988.

Studios are free, interactive spaces offering drop-in programs and artist- and educator-led workshops to visitors of all ages in conjunction with an exhibition or a topic related to modern and contemporary art. These experiences complement looking and talking about works of art in the galleries, allowing for engagement with art in participatory, creative ways. Visitors can experiment, play, and create as they make connections between their lives, their own creativity, and the processes and materials of modern and contemporary art. Learn more