The Museum of Modern Art, Theater 2
*Walk Don’t Run*. 1966. USA. Directed by Charles Walters

Walk Don’t Run. 1966. USA. Directed by Charles Walters. Screenplay by Sol Saks, based on a story by Robert Russell, Frank Ross. 114 min.

With Cary Grant, Samantha Eggar, Jim Hutton, Miiko Taka. Cary Grant’s final feature film finds him as part of a triangle, but this time he is more avuncular than romantic. Sir William Rutland arrives in Tokyo two days ahead of his hotel reservation, and at the same time as the 1964 Olympics. The shortage of hotel rooms lands him in a one-bedroom apartment with a young British lady and a fearless American Olympian. Full of the flavor of the Tokyo Olympics, the film still feels very modern, and Grant remains his grand, charming self in his Hollywood sign-off.

This film accompanies Modern Matinees: Mr. Cary Grant.