North American premiere. Post-screening discussion with John Gianvito and Chi-hui Yang, Program Officer, Just Films, Ford Foundation

The Museum of Modern Art, Floor T2, Theater 2
*Wake* (*Subic*). 2015. Philippines/USA. Directed by John Gianvito. Courtesy of the filmmaker

Wake (Subic). 2015. Philippines/USA. Directed by John Gianvito. In English, Tagalog; English subtitles. 277 min. (10-minute intermission)

Concluding a conversation begun in his 2010 film Vapor Trail (Clark), John Gianvito returns to the Philippines to further examine the hidden social and environmental damage wrought by more than a century of American military presence on the island chain. Focused on the U.S. naval base at Subic Bay, the film exposes the harrowing plight of families poisoned by military pollution, while unveiling a history of neocolonialism through revelatory archival photographs and political correspondence stemming from U.S. possession of the Philippines.