*Good Morning, Night*. 2003. Italy. Directed by Marco Bellocchio. Courtesy Photofest

Buongiorno notte (Good Morning, Night). 2003. Italy. Directed by Marco Bellocchio. In Italian; English subtitles. 106 min.

Screenplay by Anna Laura Braghetti, Paolo Tavella, Daniela Ceselli, Bellocchio. With Roberto Herlitzka, Maya Sansa, Luigi Lo Cascio. Politics, family, and the power of the subconscious again come together in Bellocchio’s disconcertingly lyrical imagining of the real-life kidnapping and execution of the Italian politician Aldo Moro. The mother-son dynamic at the center of many of Bellocchio’s films is here replaced by a metaphorical father-daughter relationship, largely imagined through dreams, between the reserved Moro (Herlitzka) and the girlish Red Brigade functionary (Sansa) who provides a middle-class front for his captors.

  1. Friday, April 25, 2014,
    4:00 p.m.

    T2, Theater 2
  2. Sunday, April 20, 2014,
    5:00 p.m.

    T2, Theater 2
This film accompanies Marco Bellocchio: A Retrospective.