Leo Fender, George Fullerton, Freddie Tavares. Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Designed 1954, this example 1957. Wood, metal, and plastic. Committee on Architecture and Design Funds

Sixty-two years of musical history. Six players. One guitar. Saturday January 16 becomes STRATURDAY, a day of live electric guitar demos celebrating the exhibition Making Music Modern and the design of the Fender Stratocaster, rock n' roll's flagship instrument. Every hour, on the hour, between noon and 5:00 p.m., a special guest musician will perform a brief set on our 1957 Fender Stratocaster, plugged into our 1959 Fender Bassman amp, live in the exhibition gallery.

Schedule of performances:

12:00 p.m.: Brandon "Taz" Niederauer
1:00 p.m.: Steve Gunn
2:00 p.m.: Sarah Lipstate (Noveller)
3:00 p.m.: W. G. Snuffy Walden
4:00 p.m.: Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz)
5:00 p.m.: Steve Marion (Delicate Steve)

Schedule subject to change.

  1. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    5:00 p.m.

    Special performance by Steve Marion (Delicate Steve)
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
  2. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    4:00 p.m.

    Special performance by Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz)
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
  3. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    3:00 p.m.

    Special performance by W. G. Snuffy Walden
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
  4. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    2:00 p.m.

    Special performance by Sarah Lipstate (Noveller)
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
  5. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    1:00 p.m.

    Special performance by Steve Gunn
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries
  6. Saturday, January 16, 2016,
    12:00 p.m.

    Special performance by Brandon "Taz" Niederauer
    Floor 3, Exhibition Galleries