*The I Don’t Care Girl*. 1953. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon

The I Don't Care Girl. 1953. USA. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. 78 min.

Screenplay by Walter Bullock. Dances by Seymour Felix, Jack Cole. With Mitzi Gaynor, David Wayne, Oscar Levant, Bob Graham, Gwen Verdon, George Jessel. After a disastrous preview, Fox chief Darryl Zanuck gave Cole carte blanche to create three new numbers—"I Don't Care," "The Johnson Rag," and "Beale Street Blues"—for this biopic about the scandalous vaudeville star Eva Tanguay, and the results represent some of the greatest choreography ever filmed in Hollywood, ably fronted by the vivacious Mitzi Gaynor.

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This film accompanies All That Jack (Cole).