*Carnival of Souls*. 1962. USA. Directed by Herk Harvey. © Herts-Lion Intl, courtesy Herts-Lion Intl/Photofest

Carnival of Souls [original theatrical release version]. 1962. USA. Directed by Herk Harvey. 78 min.

Screenplay by John Clifford. With Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison. All-American surrealism, shot largely in Lawrence, Kansas, by industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey—who here uses his commercial skills in the service of a dark, poetic fantasy centered on a young woman (Hilligoss) whose career as a church organist is severely impeded by growing suspicions that she may, in fact, be dead. Harvey, who also appears in the film as a cadaverous figure known only as The Man, inventively stages many sequences with a handheld camera. Restored from the original camera negative by the Academy Film Archive. Courtesy of Matthew Irvine.

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