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*Menu Total / Meat, Your Parents*. 1986. Germany. Directed by Christoph Schlingensief. Courtesy Filmgalerie 451

Menu Total/Meat, Your Parents. 1986. Germany. Directed by Christoph Schlingensief. In German; English subtitles. 81 min.

With Helge Schneider, Wolfgang Bertzky, Alfred Edel, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt. Schlingensief called Menu Total his best film. A traumatized young man, abused by his father, imagines himself as Adolf Hitler when dreaming of revenge. Schlingensief released this film, which follows no linear narrative structure, at a moment when right-leaning German intellectuals argued for a coming to terms of the country’s relation with its Nazi past. Schlingensief disagreed.

This film accompanies Christoph Schlingensief.